Steps to atonement

Better. Still not where we want to be, but better.

Luongo back stymieing the opposition? Check. Sedins cycling with impunity, customary points on the board? Check. Defence solid and largely impenetrable? Check. Rick Rypien inserted into the lineup to cause a ruckus? Check. Brad Isbister, anonymous? Check.

All seems back to normal for the ‘Nucks.

But, wait. Naslund already has 3 goals? Morrison has 2? BURROWS SCORED ON A BREAKAWAY?

These are welcome surprises. Call me optimistic but it seems to me that Naslund has a fire inside that was so evidently lacking last season. He is shooting the puck regularly, getting in positions to score and, thus, getting the bounces goal scorers tend to (read: last night’s goal on Dwayne, don’t let the puck get near me, Roloson).

Another win tonight against the Oilers at home will do nicely.

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