When is the bleeding going to stop?

The Canucks managed to lose yet another game last night, this time to the lowly Nashville Predators, 3-0. (Yes, that is correct, the same Nashville Predators who had lost five games in a row on the road. Hey, welcome to GM Place boys!)
As much as I have been trying to maintain a positive outlook in the early stages of this season, I must admit that last night’s game has given me some cause for serious concern.
Rather than expound upon my thoughts with a reflective, meandering essay (as I am wont to do), I am going to give it to you much like Alex Edler gave it to Sami Salo last night (pictured) when he shot the puck at his team mate’s face trying to clear the defensive zone: quick and painful.
1 – The Canucks are unable to pass the puck to a team mate, nor to receive said passes to save their lives. I have neither the patience nor the counting skills to add up the number of passes last night that ended up in skates, off asses, off shin pads, bouncing off sticks, or simply missed the man altogether. The so-called power play was particularly dreadful in this regard.
2 – Robert Luongo looks disgusted with the quality of play he is seeing in front of him. That is good; he is a leader and should be holding his team mate’s to account. Unfortunately, the result seems to be Luongo dialing down his own effort. This might, at least, help explain the backbreaking goal he surrendered last night to put the Canucks down a hole on Nashville’s first shot of the game.
3 – When the Canucks need a goal, I can’t say I am brimming with confidence that we have a guy who is able to step up, take charge and impose himself on the opposition. The Sedin’s are offensivley talented, but their refusal to engage in any way that does not involve cycling the puck for eight minutes until a seam opens up is more suited to building upon a pre-existing lead. Also, we are four years removed from the last time Markus Naslund ever looked like he could beat a goalie on purpose, so he’s out. What’s Tony Tanti’s number again?
4 – Our much-vaunted defence has been, quite simply, awful thus far. Keystone cops does not even begin to evoke any sense of how terrible the play is in the back-end. The only defenceman who looks even remotely sound is Lukas Krajicek and he, of course, is injured. On a related note, jesus christ is Mattias Ohlund ever atrocious these days.
5 – Although one can give GM Dave Nonis a lot of credit for bringing Luongo and Krajicek to Vancouver for what effectively amounted to Bryan Allen, his unwillingness or inability (take your pick) to address the team’s glaring weaknesses (read: offensive talent such as passing, shooting, and skating with an aim to score on the opposition goal) is exceedingly frustrating. Dave, put down the triple-triple, admit the error of your ways, and redress the issue. Fast.
I am going to stop there, as I could foreseeably carry on all morning. But, I have work to do.
What would John Garrett say?
Sure, the Canucks are seemingly unable to score. Sure, Luongo is looking human–on a team where looking human virtually guarantees a loss. Sure, Naslund is garbage these days. Sure, the defence is horrible. Still, things can’t get any worse, right? It’s not like the team has to rely on the likes of Barry Pederson anymore.

2 Responses to “When is the bleeding going to stop?”

  1. 1 Emmett Macfarlane November 2, 2007 at 8:36 am

    Ya. That seems to sum it up. The only ray of hope is that, because it’s hard to gauge in the first month of the season whether this is in fact, “a slump”, or actually indicative of how the team is going to play all. Given that the roster hasn’t changed much from last year, you have to figure they’re going to wake up eventually.

    On the bright side, NHL Centre Ice kicks ass. And now I need to go write on my own blog about how much the HABS and the AVS rule…

  1. 1 Kevin Bailey Pick 6 Leak Trackback on August 16, 2014 at 1:33 pm

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