A welcome reminder

Not to put too much stock in one game, but last night’s 4-3 victory over Colorado was a welcome reminder of how successful the Canucks can be when they stick to the game plan instituted last season by Alain Vigneault.

(Sound defensive positioning, intense pursuit of loose pucks, excellent goaltending, and offence generated mainly by exploiting mistakes made by the other team was a hallmark of last year’s team. More to the point, it is a formula tailor-made for a team that is blessed with one of the best goalies in the world and a reasonably responsible defence corps but, admittedly, little offensive talent to speak of.)

For the first time since they racked off three victories in a week against Calgary and Edmonton at the beginning of the season, the Canucks looked difficult to beat against the Avalanche. They made plays, won a lot of battles for the puck, moved the puck well, and made few errors in play without the puck. That, and Roberto Luongo was back to his stellar self.

Hopefully, a step in the right direction.

What would John Garrett say?

Don’t look now, but the Canucks are now 4-0 against Northwest division rivals. Considering the fact they will play 32 games against teams in their own division, this bodes well for the Canucks’ hopes of retaining the division title. I think 32-0 is an attainable expectation. Oh, and what do you know? Next up for the Canucks, Calgary. Hello, two game winning streak!


2 Responses to “A welcome reminder”

  1. 1 Emmett Macfarlane November 5, 2007 at 9:36 am

    That, unfortunately for the Avs, was exactly the type of game that shows they’re going to have problems in the playoffs relying on Budaj… 4 goals on 22 shots ain’t gonna cut it.

  2. 2 RJ November 5, 2007 at 11:31 am

    To be fair, they weren’t bad goals.

    As my post indicates, the Canucks are a team that has to be ruthless in burying chances / exploiting mistakes by the opposition to generate offensive output, precisely because they do not generate a lot of offence (e.g., shots) from open play.

    On Saturday night, the Canucks did exactly that. Notwithstanding the fact I think Budaj is not good enough to carry the Avalance very far, I can’t see how you blame him for this loss.

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