Marty Turco: clown of epic proportions

Marty Turco, perrenial regular season hot-shot and playoff liability, likes to be viewed as ‘more’ than a goalie. Hence, his career-long efforts to establish himself as a third defenceman, handling and playing the puck more than most defencemen ever dream of doing.

What is infuriating, however, is Turco’s propensity to take on the role of on-ice court jester, laughably attempting to induce referees into awarding phantom penalties to those who dare breathe in the vicinity of his goal crease.

Last night, for instance, I highlight two examples.

First, in the second period Canucks Lady Byng man Henrik Sedin dared to put a hand on Turco’s shoulder to prevent himself from falling after being checked at the side of the net. Turco’s response? Establish grounds for a penalty by making it appear to the ref as though Sedin was trying to remove his mask, then, for good measure, test the bonds of Sedin’s dental work by introducing his goal stick to Sedin’s face. The result? Hilariously (not to mention justly), a Turco penalty, even after he started to skate to the bench on the assumption Sedin was going off for two minutes.

Second, in the third period Jason Jaffray rushed in along the side boards, cutting to the front of the net, moved around the haplessly out of position Turco (flopping on the ice) and scored a pretty goal putting the Canucks ahead 4-1. But, wait. Taylor Pyatt happened to have grazed the Dallas defenceman (well outside the crease, mind you), providing Turco the perfect opportunity to make the referee think Pyatt had recklessly bowled into him. The result? The referee, mesmerized by Turco’s perfectly executed clown show, not only disallowed a perfectly legitimate goal for Jaffray but, additionally, saw fit to award a penalty to Pyatt for goaltender interference. Pyatt, who was not even within breathing distance of Turco, was left to wonder why.

Unfortunately, for Turco’s credibility that is, this is rather typical. Too bad he doesn’t see fit to concentrate on playing his position to the best of his ability. As Canucks fans know well, it makes all the difference.

2 Responses to “Marty Turco: clown of epic proportions”

  1. 2 Emmett Macfarlane December 21, 2007 at 10:33 am

    I like how opponents of every really good goalie – Roy, Hasek and now Luongo – have to resort to claiming they use ginormous or illegal equipment. Such a tired refrain… especially considering the stuff is measured at the start of the year (and randomly throughout the year) and approved by the league…

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