The Canucks’ two game road trip to play Minnesota and Nashville this week is not an ordinary one.

This is not only because the Canucks very much need to take all four possible points (good start last night!) against teams that are ahead of them in the Western conference standings.

In an admirable move by Canucks management, the team is bringing along the players’ fathers on the trip. I can only imagine what it must be like for fathers to be able to come full circle like this; whereas once they stood at the boards or in the stands watching their sons at ungodly hours of the morning play a game they loved, now they can sit in luxurious comfort in a private box high up in the stands and watch their sons play the game at the highest level in the world.

A family move, if you like.

In the spirit of family moves, Vancouver Viewpoint is adding to the family. One of my best friends in the world, Paul/H (I am not sure which, if either, he is going to use for his handle on here), who still lives back home in Vancouver, is going to be my permanent co-contributor.

He and I love to talk hockey, among many other things, and we particularly love to talk Canucks hockey. So, we decided that it was high time for him to add a Vancouver viewpoint, literally. (I realized soon after changing the name of this blog to its present moniker that it seemed somewhat odd, considering I no longer actually live in my hometown. Now, that is certainly no longer an issue.)

Welcome, buddy. And, to those of you who read, enjoy. This man knows as much or more than I do about hockey, and he is about ten thousand times funnier.


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