Vancouver Viewpoint Picks up a 4th Liner at the Deadline


Vancouver Viewpoint adds another blogger to their team adding much needed 4th line grit and hussle. Fans unsure about chemistry between Rob “Is this the blog for an argument” L and Paul “Spleling isnt my strong point”H .

Initial reactions are as follows:

From Canucks forum:

“OMG :(!!!, We need to trade Kesler for Crosby, not pick up bloggerzzz (sp)”
posted by Linden4LIFE

“STFW NOOBZ, evreyone is an idiotz. orginization neeeds depth and this pickup will bring team to cup. ”
posted by I*heart*kesler

Professional hockey writers are also putting in their two cents:


“This is one of the strongest blogs online, any addition without subtraction is going to bring the Canucks closer to the Stanley Cup. This team has grit, goaltending and coaching. I find it harder cheering for other teams when the home team is just this good. Man, I love Kraft Dinner- what is your take Murph”

“If this new guys posting are as good as the Rob’s, I look forward to allegedly copying them as well.”

Intial comments by Paul show that he has ideas on making the blog a contender.

“We need a theme song, and I have one. ”

Song courtesy of

A good pick-up at the deadline or another Vadim Sharifijanov? Need to wait and see.

1 Response to “Vancouver Viewpoint Picks up a 4th Liner at the Deadline”

  1. 1 RJ February 21, 2008 at 12:31 am

    Best post on this blog so far. I have already been put to shame one post in.

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