Why is it that all teams go through injuries, however when your team is plagued by injuries it seems different?  When other fans compare about their injuries you smile and enjoy the ‘cruel twist of fate’.  However when your team is hit by injuries you expect everyone to understand and agree with you, you blog about it, you play the ‘what if’ games and you discredit any other teams records because they have been healthy. (RJ what else am I missing?)

 Canucks have had a bad year in terms of injuries that is indisputable, but in comparisson to other teams is it that bad?

 Looking at the division, Calgary has lost 112 man games due to injury.  Rhett “can I have a mulligan naming my kid” Warraner missing 19 games being the worst of the bunch.  I would say that Calgary’s ability to stay healthy has helped them compete for the division title. 

Edmonton Oilers: This hurts any oilers fan.  With the promise of Pitkanen and Souray at the points of the power play, there was reason for optimism.  The team looked as if it was built to score goals and play aggressively.  But with Torres, Moreau, Smid, Souray and Horcroff all injured for the season, the only thing to look forward to is the draft- oh wait….. I remember some RFA agreement with some GM.  I forget the details as that story didn’t get that much play.  Other notable injuries- Pitkannen, Pisani and Matt Greene.  I would have to say that Oilers have aquitted themselves well in the face of adversity.

Minnesota Wild: Seems as if only Koivu (thanks to Ohlund) and Demitra have missed significant games for the Wild.  Wait, seems as if Derek Booragard might be gone for the season.  He will be ready for his fighting school this summer.

 **note- wordpress crashed out and I have to rewrite the article from here on in. Love it!! It will be brief…***

Avalanche- Sakic, Forsberg (he was going to play there all along), Smyth, Leopold and Stasny.  That is a hell of a chunk of the line up to be missing.  I think having Sakic and Forsberg missing the wear and tear of an entire season will help them should they go deep in the playoffs.  Smyth- I had a funny joke, won’t retype.  He ain’t coming back.

Canucks- Their top six D: Bieksa, Ohlund (twice), Salo, Kracjiek, Miller and Mitchell have all missed games. Compounding that Morrisson who I consider the missing piece of their secondary scoring has only played 30 games this season (20 points mind you).  The team has battled the injuries all year and I think now it is finally catching up to them.  At least Luongo hasn’t been hurt (lets see if I have jinxed the team).

 So to sum up the findings the teams that have been hit the hardest by injuries are as follows:

1- Oilers- ouch, so many injuries to key players.

2- Canucks- defensive team loses defense, swimmer drowns in bathtub, free ride when you are already late.

3- Colorado- Sakic missing the wear and tear ain’t so bad.  But if anyone wants to disagree and say that the Avs have been hit harder than the canucks I am open to discussion.

4- Wild- nothing to report

5- Flames- Does Iginla ever get injured?

Other notable teams:

Boston-Fernandez, Beregeron, Murray

Pittisburgh- Crosby, he counts as five players.  Malkin counts as six

Flyers- Lupul, Gagne, Upshall.  That is some talent missing.

Missing any teams?


3 Responses to “Injuries”

  1. 1 RJ March 6, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    One of your comments sticks out, in particular, in my mind.

    Iginla. Seriously. WTF? How does this guy play the way he does, at the level he does, night in and night out and, yet, NEVER get injured.

    Shit ain’t right.

  2. 2 Emmett March 6, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    I think I’m taking you up on your offer: The Avs not only lost Sakic, Smyth, Stastny and Leopold for considerable periods of time, they have now lost Smyth again, AND Svatos (who you forgot, and who was in fact their leading scorer! He’s gone for the rest of the year). Oh, and if Forsberg stays healthy, I’ll be surprised…

    Just as the Canucks are built on their defense, the Avs were built on their offense. And they’ve been without its core for a whole lot of the year…

  3. 3 H March 6, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Ah, Svatos- Yes. I only looked at games played to see who missed out serious time (more than 10 games), and since it was an recent injury I didn’t pick up on it.

    With this knowledge, I would agree with your point that a team built on offensive team losing their stars is just as bad as a defensive team losing their workhorses.

    Looking at it now, Avalanche have lost all their stars for significant time where as the Canucks have not lost the Sedins or Luongo. So perhaps the Avs have been worse off for injuries.

    I will say that when an offensive team goes down with injuries to their stars they can tighten up defensively, whereas when a defense team with limited offensive talent loses defense they can’t really start playing fire wagon hockey. (tonight’s nashville game excluded- wtf?).

    From either side of the fence- it sucks.

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