Cheech gets the ditch


The CBC has confirmed that Hockey Night in Canada play-by-play man Jim Hughson has signed a six-year contract extension with the network, which is likely to see him eventually take over from much-maligned (and increasingly out-of-sorts) Leafs shill Bob Cole as the primary announcer on Saturday night and playoff games.

One implication of this move is particularly unfortunate for us Canucks fans. Hughson has recently made it clear that he does not wish to continue performing double duty as a HNIC broadcaster and the voice of the Canucks on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific. Thus, Hughson’s decision to go with CBC/HNIC means that the S-Pac will need to start its recruitment for Hughson’s replacement in earnest.

With that in mind, who are the candidates to join John Garrett up in the S-Pac announcer’s booth?


Don Taylor. If nothing else, Donnie is much-loved among the Canucks faithful. His clever quips and encyclopedic knowledge of Canucks history is sure to further endear him to an audience that expects entertaining play-by-play buttressed by shameless homerism.


Dave Randorf. Former partner-in-crime of the aforementioned Taylor and current Canucks radio play-by-play man, John Shorthouse, at the now defunct Sports Page, Randorf has been plying his trade calling CFL games and other miscellaneous second-rate sports programming at TSN for the last few years. When he has called hockey games (e.g., world championships) he has displayed an engaging broadcasting style. Much like Taylor, he can also be very funny when given the latitude to dip into his more edgy material (consult, e.g., his career at the Page). Now comfortably settled in Toronto, it is not certain that Randorf would jump at the chance to move back to the west coast but, then again, what sports broadcaster would not want to return home to regularly call the games of his favourite team?


Dan Murphy. Often faux-hawked, ocassionally insightful (that is, at least, when he reads our blog…tsk, tsk) presenter / designated player-interviewer on S-Pac and Canucks TV broadcasts, Murphy is an unknown quantity in terms of whether he might have the chops to be the main man on the mic.

Any other suggestions/possibilities?

2 Responses to “Cheech gets the ditch”

  1. 1 Bob Loblaw March 13, 2008 at 10:40 am

    “Now comfortably settled in Toronto, it’s not certain that Randorf would jump at the chance to move back to the west coast…”? WTF?!?

    Rob, Rob, Rob (presuming this is Rob). Your unfortunate, ill-informed and just plain fuckin’ wrong biases are rearing their ugly head here. To the extent that it nearly brought a tear to my eye.

    Let me suggest a more accurate statement: “Fortunately, Randorf has settled in Toronto. Therefore, it is certain that he would jump at the chance to move back to the west coast…”

    And with that, “it” has now been placed near the general vicinity of your face.

    (if this is the other guy who isn’t Rob, please don’t take the above taunting personally)

  2. 2 RJ March 13, 2008 at 11:14 am

    Loblaw, do note the ‘tags’ at the bottom of each post–they serve to identify which one of the VV contributors has written the post. In this case, yes, it is my post.

    At the risk of being pilloried further, I am making it my personal mission to eliminate, or at least substantially reduce, much of the dislike that my west coast bretheren have for this fair city (the jewel of Lake Ontario, perhaps?).

    Let’s be honest, Toronto rules. Vancouver rules, too, but in a much different way.

    Toronto has a better music scene, better restaurants, better variety of neighbourhoods, a more interesting urban environment, better architecture, and better access to arts and cultural events.

    Vancouver has a more moderate climate, beautiful scenery, more colour, fresh air, easy access to the ocean, mountains and forest, a better hockey team, a more laid back, easy-going vibe among its inhabitants, and GM restuarant.

    So here is to all those who warmly celebrate both of these wonderful cities!

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