We got nine more games to go……

Up until the mini three game win streak the Canucks are on, I felt as if Canuck fans were part of Johnny Cash’s “25 minutes to go,” where the countdown was on for our imminent doom.

 However, the noose is untied and I am back behind the reins of the bandwagon with my partner in crime RJ.  I wouldn’t say we jumped off, but rather braced ourselves for impact.

 So were is this sordid bunch heading in the next few days????

Oh SHIT!!! 9 interconference games.

I have to say that this is the hardest stretch of games the Canucks (and the Northwest) have faced all year.  The only bright spot for all is the ‘short’ travel.

 And how does the schedule layout for the Canucks??  Let’s check that out….

You kidding me?  Two back to backs, one of which is a home and away.   Also a three game road trip in the mix.  Not so good.  Well the flames end with a three game trip and have two back to back games, seems even.  Going over to the AVS website I see that Jordan Leopold is a lover of (awful) music and that they have no back to back games.    I don’t want to dwell, but how can you be a music lover and have that bad taste in music?  The Wild play tonight in San Jose and have one back to back game.  Oilers have one back to back game and 4 on the road.  I have to say that the NHL schedulers have this one right.  The next nine games are going to be some intense hockey, and with the race so tight going into this stretch- the best team will win the division.

So who is going to win the division?  Naturally the Vancouver Canucks.  I am going to make like the Sports Action guy (who never gets the games right) and “Lay the hammer down!.”  They wil be 6-2-1 during this stretch.  Anyone agree?

Smooth Jimmy Apollo.

“Well let me chime in on that one H… In order to assess the record in the next nine games, you have to look at all factors including ice conditions, travel distance,  offensive output, crowd noise and various in game promotions…. but as far as the Canucks go 6-2-1, sure why the hell not!!! I am going to make it my lock of the week.”

Right on, thanks Smooth Jimmy Apollo.

Why the optimism?  Lets look at the Canucks record against the Northwest.  Well the Canucks started the season against the Northwest at 9-0-2.  Currently they are 12-6-5 against the NW (Colorado sporting the best interdivision record of 15-8-1).  I will say that most of the Canuck defeats came during times of intense injuries.    On the injury front, to finish this post, James Mirtle’s comprehensive blog has the total number of man games lost to injury for all teams, who would of thought Florida would be tops.  With the Cancuks on a roll, I see them finished how they started.

Another reason for optimism- the rallying call of Trevor Linden.  For some reason sports teams need a reason to play, and if listening to what has been said- Trevor Linen gave the Canucks a reason.  Much like Gretzky did for the olympic team in salt lake, Linden gave the team a spark when it was needed. I am going to say it right now- BEST CANUCK EVER.

Final reason- Luongo.   Roloson is doing his thing right now (that is play like shit all year and then become a star when counted on) and Flames have the Kipper who can be unbeatable at times. But who is the goalie you would want to see in the pipes for your team? Thought so…  I believe he will stand up and deliver 8 of the best games of the season, and one bad one.

 By the way- have row 4 tickets for Friday’s game.  Look for Bush in her Black Canuck V jersey and me in my NEW TREVOR LINDEN JERSEY!!!


1 Response to “We got nine more games to go……”

  1. 1 RJ March 21, 2008 at 10:57 am

    I think you may just have a career as a sports prognosticator ahead of you, sir.

    Last night’s win was oh so enjoyable.

    As per my text message, I love the Matt Pettinger pick up (losing Cooke for anyone is a win in my books, though). Count on him scoring 20 again next year (you heard it here first).

    Oh and isn’t the Sports Action guy ‘the Moj’? I have to say, not a fan…

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