Wrap-up: Canucks Vs. Wild

When you don’t have editors, things get done too late-this is an example…

Went to the Canucks vs. Wild game on Friday.  Courtesy of Bush’s work we got Club seats, row 4, inline with the visitor’s end faceoff circle.  I will give you the recap of the night with no structure:

For predrinks and dinner we went to the Kingston Pub.  This place has to be considered the best Canucks bar in Vancouver.  Why people go to the Shark Club, I just don’t know.  They have a pre-game menu where they will serve you your food in 15 minutes or less so that you can go and enjoy the game!!! What a great idea.

From the bar, walked down to GM place.  First stop, Authentix store to purchase a Trevor Linden jersey.  Let me say this, I was committed to buying the jersey no matter the problems.  First problem, price $240!!!  WOW, guess you have to put your wallet where your heart is.  Second problem- no “home” blue.  This isn’t too big of a problem as I have no preference either way.  Put on the “away” white, and it fitted like a glove.  But wait- what is that in the corner?  A blue Linden jersey.  Have a look at it, see that it has tie-downs…. it is the official jersey.  Cool! I mean if you are getting a jersey, why not get the real deal.  Have a look at the price $495.  And the white jersey was purchased.  Called my friend who works for the Canucks, she came down and was able to get me $50 off the jersey… it pays to have friends.

Got to our seats, ordered a few beers from our seats (man I love club seats).  Watched the Wild warm-up.  Derek  Booradard is HUGE.  He towers over everyone on the team. Pouillot must weigh 150 lbs, the guy is scrawny.  The Wild seemed loose and were enjoying their warm-up.  I would think that they would be nervous but didn’t seem the case. 

Our seats were good for atmosphere, bad for following the game.  It is fine line to walk, but that being said you can follow the game from home on the TV, I will take atmosphere  every time.  On a sour note, I am disappointed with ‘Canuck’ fans.  No one in my section was wearing a jersey, half of them weren’t even following the game, the people in front of me showed up at the end of the first and didn’t hear any fan support for good hockey plays.  They did cheer the goal and hits… 

It seemed as if the Upper bowl had great atmosphere, got some chants going and cheered hockey plays. 

Alright let’s talk Canucks, from up close and personal-

Mike Weaver is good.  I was shocked as I expected him to stand out as the worst defenseman.  Not the case, good hustle, smart plays and played with intensity.

Who was the worst defenseman?  Kevin Bieksa.  Couldn’t believe how out of place he was.  An example, skating beside Pyatt crossing the Wild’s blueline he skated ahead of Pyatt, forcing Pyatt to cover the point.  Play was broken up and Wild were now breaking out with Pyatt as a defenseman. 

Ryan Shannon is impressive.  Good hustle and gets into all the spots he needs to.  Witnessed him digging three pucks, doesn’t go to the net but seems to be in the right place otherwise. 

The Sedins are so impressive in puck control.  What is impressive is how they use a short pass (5 feet or less) and how they disrupt their checkers before they get the puck.

Mitchell rules! Better in person as you can see him behind the play positioning himself.  Did not see the deflection go in off of him, the puck is hard to follow on shots.

Salo’s goal was too fast.  Shot, goal.  impossible to follow, how goalies stop point shots, I don’ t know.

Luongo is huge.  A big guy and when he lines up to the puck you can not see net.

Brett Burns will be a top defenseman in this league.  He is really good.

 Unfortunately, the Canucks lost.  It was great going to the game and experiencing the game from so close.  The Canucks have used one of their 2 losses I have spotted them, so I see them winning tonight against the Flames


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  1. 1 RJ March 27, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Where are the pics?!?

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