F – this

What can be more ignominious than a collapse against your most hated rivals in a game that could have put you a point out of first place in the division and solidified your grip on a playoff spot?

Perhaps going out the very next night and losing to the team one place behind you in the standings due to an effort that can most delicately be described as exceedingly reprehensible.

The Canucks have now lost three games in a row, each time against a division rival. (Then, again, it bears keeping in mind that all remaining games are against division rivals.) The Canucks now have five games remaining and sit, currently, in eight place in the Western Conference. The Canucks hold a meagre two point lead over the ninth place Nashville Predators.

It doesn’t get much more disconcerting, does it?

Actually, it does.

Consider this:

  • Both the Canucks and the Predators have five games remaining;
  • The Canucks play Minnesota, Calgary, Colorado, Edomonton, and Calgary (again), all but one of whom are playoff teams;
  • The Predators play Columbus, Detroit, St. Louis (back-to-back), and Chicago, all but one of whom are not playoff teams;
  • The Canucks are likely to play at least one and possibly two or three games without Roberto Luongo, who will return to Florida to be with his wife when she delivers their baby; and
  • Oh, yes, it appears that the Canucks have seen fit to take the last two weeks of the season off.

Unfortunately, only one of those points is not factual.




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