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Captain Canuck

Trevor Linden retired.  RJ and H feel sad.

We’ll always have Safeway, Trev.


Sounding Off(season)

Perusing the second best Canuck blog out there- the Kurtenblog. I watched the dying minutes of game six of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Watch first, then I rant.

First off that was by far that series set the bar for Stanley Cups, not one series has lived up to that one since. You had Mark Messier and the Oilers dynasty trying to win a cup for another team, the most exciting player Pavel Bure, Mark Messier fierce leadership (calling Game 6 of previous round), amazing goal tending, lead changes, comebacks, and a series rallying come back, a favourite, an underdog, great games, great crowds, physical play, Greg Adams and Marty Gelinas being clutch and our man Trevor Linden playing out of his mind. I am biased here being a Canuck fan, but from a neutral fan point that had it all.

Lets compare to Stanley Cups since

1995: Devils over Wings in 4. Hockey at its most boring.

1996: Avalanche over Panther in 4. Rat trick was cool as was jovo cop taking care of Lindros in previous round, but nothing cool about this series at all. Second sweep in a row.

1997:Wings over Flyers in 4. Having everyone call out Lindros was entertaining, but the games were not. Third sweep? You would think you remember these. At this time the best series were the western finals, some good rivalries.

1998: Wings over Capitals in 4! Kolzig was amazing this year, his team was not. Capitals stood no chance, this was the worst finals ever. This was about the time RJ bought his McCarthy jersey.

1999: Stars over Buffalo in 6. Toe in crease, finally a series though.

2000: Devils over Stars in 7. I remember nothing of this final.

2001: Avalanche over Devils. All hail Ray Bourque. He won a cup, albeit as a member of the Avalanche. To go off tangent- I know Ray Bourque is all class, but I just did not like him. Don’t know why, could be the mink he has in place of hair, could be that he couldn’t lead his team to a cup then was a called a hall of famer for winning it on another team, could be that he never did anything inspiring on the ice, I just don’t know what is.

2002: Wings over Hurricanes, good on Hurricanes to make it this far, would of preferred Jose Theodore and the Habs to of made it to the finals. Wings are damn good.

2003: Devils over Ducks. Kariya scoring after being KO’ed by Stevens was one of the best performances by a player (concussed or not). True heart.

2004: Tampa over Flames in 7. Okay this was a great series nevermind the Flames were involved. It had Iginla, Lecavalier, St. Louis, Bulin Wall, Kipper and Richards. It had it all, except- Tampa Bay? C’mon.

2005: Lockout- good times. It was all worth it in the end.

2006: Hurricanes over Oilers in 7. Another good series, however see points on 2004 final. Oilers were the biggest underdogs ever in this series, it made for good rooting against evil.

2007: Ducks over Senators in 5. Not a series at all, Ducks lost one game just to win it at home.

2008: Wings over Penguins in 6. Hard not to get into this one as Detroit played some of the best hockey ever seen and the Penguins having the a milky way of stars. Look back to Carolina, Detroit and New Jersey, you have to learn how to lose before you can win; Penguins will win the cup. Best part of this series: RJ being able to wear his Detroit McCarthy jersey again.

Anyway, no series had anything on the Canucks v Rangers. Amazing series.

Alright, why did I break my code of silence on blogging. It is about the video of game 6 and something I had forgotten. At the end when Trevor Linden is mowed down and injured. I have since read that Mike Keenan told his team to injure Trevor Linden as he was the heart of the team. So he is injured, and taking Jim Robson’s words what does the “greatest leader in sports” do? HITS HIM WHEN HE IS DOWN!!! FUCK YOU Mark Messier. I had totally forgotten this ever happened, it is disgusting. Mark Messier,you use to be my hero in the days of the oilers, now I spit when I see you on TV.

Now that is bad enough, but it guess worse. Advance three years from the Stanley Cup finals, who do the Canucks sign? Mark Messier. What the hell? The guy who tried to injure your teams heart, the guy who showed no class whatsoever in winning. And now, Linden, a canuck favourite, has to be on the team with former public enemy #1, and because Canuck fans mood swings more than Kevin Spacey, TL has to start hearing about how Messier should be the Canucks captain. Oh well, at least that didn’t happen. Oh shit it did and how. Well at least the Canucks Organization wouldn’t let this happen not without a decent GM and Coach, one who would never order another player to be injured. Oh!. I don’t know where I am going with this, RJ help me out. But this is just disgusting, remembering all this has put a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps the Canucks having horrible luck is Karma for these horrible events; but that outlook is more suited to Boston, Chicago and New York (douchebags). Summary: Good -Trevor Linden. Bad- Mark Messier, Mike Keenan, Canucks.

-Tragic is the only word that can describe Luc Bourdon’s death. His future was set, he was a likeable person, had a proper outlook for a professional athlete and, ultimately started a risky hobby he always wanted to do, and suffered an unjust consequence. Tragic.

– Congrats Mr. Shorthouse. Will be great to hear your calls for Sportsnet.

– I hate the NHL Draft. Couldn’t care less. Tenth pick for Canucks, so what? I don’t buy into bad scouting, I buy that some players are bad but can talk a good game.