Well, I didn’t actually fall asleep, though I certainly wish I did.

The Canucks fell 1-0 to the Bruins in a game that can most optimistically be described as a veritable snooze-fest. (Two straight 1-0 wins, Boston. Congratulations!)

Boston is an egregiously boring hockey team to watch. Of that there is little doubt.

It could have been a different story, however, if the Canucks had taken their few chances better. Henrik Sedin on a 3-on-1 and Daniel Sedin on a breakaway near the end of the first period did their best to solidify the perception among Canucks fans that the twins are largely incapable of scoring unless they are bringing the puck into the slot from the corner after cycling with it for 45 seconds. (Come to think of it they aren’t doing that anymore, either.) Mason Raymond and Ryan Kesler also had a few quality chances but came up well short of beating Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas, who has now shut out the Canucks in two straight games and recorded a shutout in has last two outings this season.

The most worrisome aspect of the game last night is that the Canucks looked like a bona fide sub-.500 team. In a game where they needed to execute with proficiency in order to overcome the Bruins stingy defensive tactics, they simply had inadequate resources to do so.

A familiar refrain when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff in the NHL.


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