In with the old and olding the new

Whether it’s new uniforms or new injuries, the old cliche that the more things change the more they stay the same seems particularly apt these days in Vancouver.

About this time last year, the Canucks lost defenceman Kevin Bieksa to a freak injury, a lacerated calf at the expense of an errant Vernon Fiddler skate, in a game against the Nashville Predators.

This time around, Bieksa has suffered a fractured foot after being hit by a shot from teammate Michel Ouellet against the very same Predators.  (Unfortunately, Ben Kuzma’s sigh of relief about Bieksa coming through that game unscathed proved eerily misguided.)  Although only expected to keep ‘Juice’ out of the lineup for two weeks, it couldn’t have come at a worse time considering Bieksa’s play over the last few weeks.  Bieksa has not only recovered fully from last year’s mishap; he has re-established himself as arguably the Canucks best defenceman.


On the sartorial front, the Canucks’s recently unveiled ‘third’ sweater represents a renewal of the past.  The stick-in-rink logo and colours, which underwent a revival a few years ago and now make up the secondary logo and primary colours on the team’s current uniforms, have been newly adapted for the 746th iteration of the team’s uniform.  The secondary logo from the team’s current sweaters, with the stick more prominent and slightly angled to add more dimension, has been moved from the shoulders to the chest and the arm and waist piping has been spaced out a little more.

vlogoBut it’s not entirely a rehash.  The Canucks have added a new secondary logo to the shoulders, incorporating the Johnny Canuck logo into a stylized ‘V.’  (Incidentally, some astute observers have commented on its uncanny likeness to the Vachon corporate logo.)  Of course, even this isn’t entirely ‘new’ considering the Canucks used a different version of the Johnny Canuck logo back in the days of the Canucks’ existence in the Pacific Coast Hockey League.

I must say that while I am favourably disposed towards the new sweaters I do wish that the Canucks would stop encouraging the scorn and derision we fans are subjected to around many parts of the league due to the franchise’s seemingly ineluctable lust for uniform alteration.


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