From snowy Toronto to, er…snowy Vancouver?

I am going to take a brief blogging hiatus for the next week or so, as I am heading home to Vancouver for the holidays.

Among other activities planned, H and I – the proprietors of this infrequently visited blog – will be attending the Canucks-Oilers game on Boxing Day.  If we’re not too drunk by the time we get to the game, we might take some pictures.

Sadly, now that I work and live full-time in Toronto, I don’t get home to Vancouver much anymore.  And I get the opportunity to attend Canucks games at GM Place even less.   Needless to say, the trip has me excited.

Well, I was excited; now I am nervously analyzing worst-case scenarios.  Rather unsurprisingly, Toronto has been buried by a relentless winter storm over the past few days, wreaking havoc on travel arrangements in-and-out of the city.  Considerably more shocking is that Vancouver, too, is being blanketed by a deluge of snow, making travel in-and-out of the city similarly challenging.

I trust that with my flight scheduled for Monday night, I’ll make it by Boxing Day for the game.  I’d like to make it back for Christmas and all, but as long as I’m sat in my seat at the Garage on Friday, I’ll be happy.


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