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A proposal to change the Draft Lottery

This year’s race to the #1 draft pick has underlined the fact that teams do their best to improve their chances at getting the #1 pick. Case in point- Tampa Bay lightning icing Vincent Lecavalier with an eighth of the season to go. With the playoffs out of reach, Tampa decided it was best to schedule their best player for surgery so that he has time to rehab for next season. I don’t see it as that, I see it as a way to improve their chances to the #1 draft pick. I think this tanking of your team is against the idea of sport, a slap in the face to your fanbase and just generally uncool and square.

What do I propose? A playdown for draft seeding. This would happen immediately after the regular season and involve the teams that missed the playoffs. It would take a week to complete and allow the playoff bound teams some rest before the grind of the playoffs.  Seeding would be based on how teams performed in the regular season and home ice advantage would always default to the team with the worst  record.  When everything is said and done the draft positions would be based on how far teams made it in the playdown.

The bracket would set up in an eastern and western bracket and teams would be reverse seeded based on how they finished in the regular season. This is what I propose with teams for the 2009 season to show the seeding (click on image for larger view):



A draft playdown has some great possibilities:

  • Gives fan bases of poor teams something to cheer for
  • Opens up hockey to a fanbase that loves brackets
  • Reduces the risk of teams tanking it and resting their best players to get a good draft seed
  • Gives all non playoff bound teams a chance at the # 1 pick
  • Generate more revenue for non-playoff bound teams
  • Allows teams to try-out prospects in their farm system
  • Gambling potential!!!

I like it and I hope you do to.

Rock on.


Canucks Goalies

From the province:

…the Canucks have dressed 27 stoppers since Jan. 2, 1998 when Kirk McLean was traded.

So lets let the naming game start…

1) Alex Auld
2) Dan Cloutier
3) Bob Essensa
4) Peter Skudra
5) Artrus Irbe
6) Roberto Luongo
7) Garth Snow
8 ) Cory Schenider
9) Curtis Sanford
10) Jason Labarberra
11) Johan Hedberg
12) Kevin Weekes
13) Danny Sabourin
14) Martin Brochu
15) Sean Burke
16) Chris McIntyre (UBC guy)
17) Felix Potvin

Give me a little help with the remaining ten please…

Jesus! That is a lot of goalies.

Dear Canucks, thanks for listening

First off, let’s forget that this happened. Alain Vigneault summed up my feelings succinctly with his summation of the debacle at Rexall Place on Saturday night:

I really don’t have one positive thing to say about this game. We got outplayed, we got out everything-ed in all areas. They deserved to win hands-down.

With that said, let’s talk about tonight’s game. In particular, I want to highlight how impressed I was with the Canucks. Two aspects of the performance stand out: first, the Canucks’ resilience after going down 2-0 early in the first period; second, burying the Panthers when they had the opportunity.

As to the first point, I will admit that when the Panthers scored twice off-the-bat, I thought the game was effectively over. In my defence, I’ll offer up as an excuse some carried over frustration, on my part, after the embarrassing non-effort in Edmonton. Coming out of the gate as flat as the Canucks did after that performance, on home ice no less, made me think the Canucks were not going to have it tonight. Thankfully, I was wrong.

As to the second point, I have repeatedly called attention to the Canucks profligacy when it comes to chances to put teams to the sword this season, resulting in a window of opportunity for the opposition that is too often exploited for my liking. Tonight, with the game tied 2-2 in the second period, the Canucks on the power play, and a delayed call against Shawn Matthias, Pavol Demitra scored his second of the game off of Jay Bouwmeester’s skate to put the Canucks ahead. Then, with Matthias in the box, Kyle Wellwood batted a pass from Daniel Sedin cleanly out of the air at the side of the net to put the Canucks ahead 4-2. Finally, for good measure, Ryan Kesler took a Kevin Bieksa pass off the boards for a breakaway, while short-handed, and buried a backhand into the roof of the net to put a final point of emphasis on an explosive second period.

Nice to see the Canucks addressing what I think has been the most disconcerting weakness of the team thus far this season.

Canucks Halloween Costumes

Vancouver Viewpoint has a sneak peak at the Canucks Halloween costumes. I have been undercover for this job, which is an explanation for my lack of postings.

Alex Burrows (just warming up here):

Cause he is a pest,(Just warming up)

Cause he is a "pest"

 Roberto Luongo:

This is cryptic costume.  He thinks he is overvalued.

This is cryptic costume. He thinks he is overvalued.

Taylor Pyatt:


Damn, cover his eyes

Damn, covers his eyes

Sami Salo:

Update- Sami injured himself getting into wheelchair

Update- Sami injured himself getting into wheelchair

Sedin Twins:

When you are twins you are limited to only the best costumes

When you are twins you are limited to only the best costumes

The fourth line (Hordichuk, Johnson,  Rypien):

Ace, Buddy and PJ went on to win best costume of the night

Kyle Wellwood:

He forgot his costume.
He forgot his costume.

Canucks Trade

I believe this topic is worth a mention.

So coming to the Canucks is Michel Ouellet and Shane O’Brien. On their way out Lukas Krajicek and Juraj Simek.

This trade is a win for the Canucks. I like the offence that Ouellet brings (116 pts in 157 g) with limited minutes and it seems he is defensively aware given his +/-. I am wondering where he will fit in with the Canucks. I imagine him playing on the second line with Demitra and Raymond/Pyatt. This might be a problem: the line was soft enough with Pyatt, Ouellet will not add more grit. Perhaps the Canucks think that Raymond needs more time in the minors to hone his game and this move is a stop gap until Raymond is NHL ready.

The Shane O’Brien pick up is amazing. For a player that was traded for a first round pick not more than two years ago, Tampa gave up quick on him. I do like this guy, but think he would be surplus if Luc Bourdon was still around.

Seeing Krajicek out is not that big of a deal. He has the skills, just missing the NHL professionalism. Simek looked like a good prospect, but I think you have to give up something to get something back. I think Simek is that something in this trade.

Good trade, interesting to see where everyone fits in.

A look into the possible future: Mats Sundin, Canuck

Sundin-or is it

Captain Canuck

Trevor Linden retired.  RJ and H feel sad.

We’ll always have Safeway, Trev.