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Canucks Trade

I believe this topic is worth a mention.

So coming to the Canucks is Michel Ouellet and Shane O’Brien. On their way out Lukas Krajicek and Juraj Simek.

This trade is a win for the Canucks. I like the offence that Ouellet brings (116 pts in 157 g) with limited minutes and it seems he is defensively aware given his +/-. I am wondering where he will fit in with the Canucks. I imagine him playing on the second line with Demitra and Raymond/Pyatt. This might be a problem: the line was soft enough with Pyatt, Ouellet will not add more grit. Perhaps the Canucks think that Raymond needs more time in the minors to hone his game and this move is a stop gap until Raymond is NHL ready.

The Shane O’Brien pick up is amazing. For a player that was traded for a first round pick not more than two years ago, Tampa gave up quick on him. I do like this guy, but think he would be surplus if Luc Bourdon was still around.

Seeing Krajicek out is not that big of a deal. He has the skills, just missing the NHL professionalism. Simek looked like a good prospect, but I think you have to give up something to get something back. I think Simek is that something in this trade.

Good trade, interesting to see where everyone fits in.