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Canucks 3 – Hawks 2

I have little of signifance to say about the game last night, as I did not see it.

(I was watching No Country For Old Men, instead. Great movie, fantastic ending.)

The Canucks won. Roberto Luongo was good enough, if not spectacular. Brendan Morrison broke out of a slump with the game-winning goal and an assist. Markus Naslund recorded his 725th point as a Canuck with an assist, which surpassed Trevor Linden on the Canucks all-time points list. Taylor Quiet also reappeared on the scoresheet with two assists. And, what, Byron Ritchie scored?

Unfortunately, I have to miss the game tonight to visit a friend in Cambridge, so I will not be game reporting until after the Saturday night’s marquee match-up with Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Just another day at the office

This is all getting a little ho-hum isn’t it? Roberto Luongo’s fine form, with three straight shutouts and almost 200 minutes of hockey without conceding a goal, almost appears an ordinary state of affairs.

In fact, Luongo’s play is so outstanding (and has been since his arrival in Vancouver) that you almost get the sense it is just business as usual for him. Get dressed. Warm up. Stymie the opposition. Tell the media the win was due to your teammates. Shower. Go home. Repeat tomorrow.

Strangely, he is so good with such regularity that it almost becomes unnecessary to say ‘great save’ or to comment on how spectacular his play is.

I mean, we don’t need to wake up every morning and extol the virtues of the sun. It’s there. It’s always been there (from a human referential perspective). And, it will always be there (or, at least, as long as ‘we’ are ‘there’). No need to wax ecstatically about it.

Likewise, Luongo.

Tale of the tape

Canucks 4 – Ducks 0

Todd Bertuzzi – Minus 2, O points. Ineffective.

Roberto Luongo – Shutout (3rd of the season), second straight; 134 minutes of hockey without conceding a goal. Stellar.

Did I mention we have Lukas Krajicek to show for that deal, as well?

Thanks, Roberto

A late flurry of pressure from the Capitals was not enough last night, as the Canucks held on to defeat Washington 3-2 to finish the road trip 2-2.

The main reason for the victory, like so many since last year: Roberto Luongo.

The storyline has become the familiar refrain for an effective performance by the Canucks: generate enough offensive opportunities to score around three goals (at least one of which will come on the power play) and ride the defence, particularly Luongo, to a closely-fought victory.

This season, to a large extent, the Canucks have done neither of these things, hence the 5-6 record.

Last night, however, the Canucks illustrated perfectly what type of team they need to be if they are going to be successful. It is a simple formula, really.

Let us hope they adhere to it with more consistency over the next few weeks and establish themselves where they belong: among the upper tier of teams in the Western Conference.

What would John Garrett say?

Roberto Luongo displayed, once again, why he is my ‘lock of the year’ for the Vezina trophy. If there is anyone better at tightening the screws late in the game, holding on to an imminent victory with a vise-like grip, I would certainly like to meet him.