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Someone didn’t do his homework

Roberto Luongo backstopped the Canucks to a 2-0 victory against the Wild on Saturday night, marking his third consecutive shutout.  Luongo is currently enjoying a run of 201minutes:8 seconds of scoreless hockey.

Needless to say, our captain is doing a magnificent job between the pipes these days.

oake_90Unfortunately, some people out there – most notably the CBC’s Scott Oake – seem to have reached dangerously high Luongo fever.  During his post-game interview with Luongo on Saturday night, Oake asked Luongo if this is the best he’s played over a run of games in the NHL.  Evidently the sage reporter forgot to review Luongo’s statistics.

Indeed, one only need to go back to last yearwhen Luongo held opponents off the score sheet for three consecutive games (check) at home (check) for 212 minutes:12 seconds (over 11 minutes longer).

Not to diminish the accomplishment but the current shutout streak is not entirely a new phenomenon in Vancouver.  Luongo has demonstrated in his brief Canucks career that when he is at his best and most confident, he is literally unbeatable.

Don’t worry though, Scott.  Perhaps by next week when the Canucks play the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada you can put the question to Luongo, again.