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Debunking myths

Hockey punditry, as an enterprise, is not exactly the domain of intelligent discussion. 

Nonetheless, what you do expect from a pundit, especially an ex-player, is some kind of keen insight about the game.

Unfortunately, pundits have been largely bereft of such insight when it comes to assessing the Vancouver Canucks. 

Since the decline of the heady days of the ‘Westcoast Express’ it seems almost axiomatic that the problemwith the Canucks is a lack of offensive production.  Turn on Hockey Night in Canada, the NHL on TSN, the Score, and Rogers Sportsnet, listen to the Team 1040, or read the papers.  The same message abounds: the Canucks can’t score; and, by extension, the team relies exclusively on Roberto Luongo for success.

While this oft-repeated claim certainly held weight in previous seasons, it no longer does in 2008/2009.  At this point, 28 games into the season, the Canucks are eighth overall in the NHL in team scoring, with an average of 3.04 goals per game. 

Put simply, the Canucks problem is not scoring goals.  (I certainly have my own view about what, precisely, the Canucks most glaring problem is.)   

The time for pundits to acknowledge this is well past due.