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The beat goes on

My reaction to the 5-4 shootout loss to Colorado tonight is succinctly captured with the sentiments expressed in this post.

Once again, the Canucks had the opportunity to bury an opponent.  Up 4-3 late in the third period, Jannik Hansen took an exquisite stretch pass from Alex Edler for a breakaway on Peter Budaj.  Unfortunately for the Canucks, Hansen shot the puck well wide of the net.

Mere minutes later (with 2:48 remaining), Avalanche defenceman Daniel Tjarnqvist scored an ugly goal on Cory Schneider to tie the game, effectively sending it to Overtime.

Say what you like about the two bad goals from Tjarnqvist and Ryan Smyth on Schneider, the game was there for the taking.  Had Hansen scored, the two points would have been all but secured.